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Version 0.10.1 / 2011-01-17

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug when using multi-block syntaxes with another delimiter than braces.
  • Other enhancements

    • WLang source code follows the ruby.noe template that comes bundled with Noe

Version 0.10.0 / 2011-01-14

  • New features

    • Introduced a wlang/hosted language which parses blocks as actually described in the specification
    • Introduced a semantics +{...} in wlang/ruby that prints literals.
    • wlang/ruby now includes the Buffering ruleset
    • Introduced a wlang/active-text dialect which includes Basic, Imperative, Buffering and Context rulesets.
    • Introduced a wlang/yaml dialect with special inclusion +{...} operator
  • Broken features and APIs

    • Due to the wlang/ruby <-> wlang/hosted changes and the fact that wlang/ruby now includes the Buffering ruleset, users that generate ruby (a few) may have broken templates and should probably be pessimist and require wlang 0.9.x
    • For the same reason, users that make complex wlang meta-constructions ala +{+{...}} could observe problems due to the change of +{...} in wlang/ruby. The wlang/hosted dialect is introduced to limit such problems, but not encountering them is not guaranteed.
  • Other enhancements

    • Moved to rspec 2.4.0
    • Moved from rdoc to yard for generating the documentation
    • README, CHANGELOG and LICENCE are now in Mardown instead of rdoc

Version 0.9.2

  • New features (by order of importance)

    • Implements main transformer on dialects
    • Makes coderay encoders available without options using a bit of meta programming
    • System-local absolute paths (i.e. starting with '/') are recognized by buffer rulesets

Version 0.9.1

  • Bug fixes

    • #307, about HashScope.has_key? which returned nil instead of false in some situations
  • Broken features and APIs (by order of importance)

    • HostedLanguage::DSL is strictly private and should be reopened. Methods added to this class will never be available in templates. Use HostedLanguage.variable_missing instead.
    • ::WLang::BasicObject has been removed. HostedLanguage::DSL implements its own strategy, which is spec tested in test/spec/basic_object.spec
  • New features (by order of importance)

    • WLang does not requires the rdoc gem by default
    • A new encoder redcloth/xhtml allows using Textile markups easily
    • The wlang/xhtml dialect provides a tag helper for links @{...}{...}
    • The parser class returns friendly messages when a rule is ill-implemented

Version 0.9.0

  • Broken features and APIs (by order of importance)

    • Major broken API in WLang.instantiate and WLang.file_instantiate which do not allow passing buffers anymore
    • Hash are not methodized by default anymore (major broken feature with 0.8.x versions)
    • Expressions 'a la' PHP w@w (sections/.../.../id) are not supported anymore
    • The default hosted language raises a WLang::UndefinedVariableError when a variable cannot be found in the current template scope (0.8.x versions returned nil in this case)
    • Template.initialize does not take a default context anymore
    • WLang::Parser.context_xxx do not exist anymore. Use branch(...) instead
    • WLang::Parser::Context removed, and WLang::HashScope introduced
    • WLang::Parser instance variables are all made protected
  • New features (by order of importance)

    • WLang::HostingLanguage introduced, with a default one for Ruby. The hosting language is the way to provide a main scope, accessible to all templates at once.
    • WLang::HostingLanguage is not sensitive to the difference between symbol keys and strings
    • Buffering and Context rulesets now branch the current parser instead of creating a new one
    • WLang::Error and subclasses propose a backtrace information
    • WLang::Parser refactored to encapsulate the whole state in another class (WLang::Parser::State)
    • WLang facade has been made much more robust as it now checks all its arguments.
    • WLang::dialect may now be used to ensure dialect instances from both Dialect args and qualified names.
    • Introduction of WLang.template and WLang.file_template
    • plain-text dialect proposes new camel-based encoders
    • wlang/active-string dialect has the imperative rule set included
    • sql dialect has been added
    • ruby dialect proposes a method-case encoder

Version 0.8.5

  • Enhances error messages a lot
  • Some bug fixes for ruby 0.8.7

Version 0.8.4

  • Migration from to

Version 0.8.0

  • First public version
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