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Rubinius not supported so far.

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- - rbx-2.0
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# WLang
+[![Build Status](](
WLang is a powerful code generation and templating engine.
This is the README of wlang2, a fresh new implementation of the [wlang templating language concept](, this one implemented on top of [temple]( and much inspired by the excellent [mustache]( (For users of wlang 1.0 (formaly 0.10.2), this rewrite cleans most concepts as well as the abstract wlang semantics; it also uses a simple compiler architecture to gain huge perfomance gains in comparison to early wlang days).
-**WLang2 is a work in progress so far**.
+**WLang2 is work in progress**. It does not support rubinius so far, due to an incompatibility with the Citrus parser generator.
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