bLAMclass Survey Results

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bLAMclass Survey

The survey contains seven questions in a Google Form. Three people filled out a paper survey during the meet up to discuss bLAMclass. As of March 14, 2016, 22 people have filled out the survey.

Results: Workshops

bLAMclass Workshop Results Visualization made with Raw.

  • Using Data: Information Visualization: 13 votes (59.1%)
  • Omeka: Open Source/Free Content Management System: 12 votes (54.5%)
  • AV Collections: Born-Digital and Analog: 12 votes (54.5%)
  • Adobe Photoshop & Bridge for Post Digitization: 12 votes (54.5%) Note: After the in-person meet up, Eli Pousson brought up the great idea to also include line command for batch photo editing for those who do not have access to the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Conducting Oral Histories: 12 votes (54.5%)
  • Mapping/GIS: 11 votes (50%)
  • Social Media: Using, Analyzing, and Branding: 9 votes (40.9%)
  • Personal Digital Archiving: 8 votes (36.4%)
  • Wikipedia Editing: 8 votes (36.4%)
  • Creating Tutorials with Quicktime and iMovie: 7 votes (31.8%)

Recently Added Workshops: Vote for them if you're interested!

  • Content Management System-free website creation with Jekyll and Github
  • Introduction to Github
  • Cleaning and preparing data with OpenRefine

Results: Skill Shares

bLAMclass survey results: Skill Shares Visualization made with Raw.

  • Digital Humanities: 15 votes (68.2%)
  • Database Creation and/or Customization: 13 votes (59.1%)
  • User Experience / Interaction Design / Information Architecture: 10 votes (45.5%)
  • Social Media: 8 votes (36.4%)
  • Linked Data: 6 votes (27.3%)
  • Coding: 5 votes (22.7%)

Results: Time of Day

bLAMclass results: Time of Day Visualization made with Raw.

  • Weekdays at 7p: 17 votes (77.3%)
  • Saturdays at 2p: 13 votes (59.1%)
  • Saturdays at 11a: 11 votes (50%)
  • Sundays at 1p: 11 votes (50%)
  • Weekdays at 5p: 8 votes (36.4%)
  • Weekdays lunch block, 12p-2p: 6 votes (27.3%)


  • At least one person was unclear about which skill shares they would want to attend. Whether or not they were unclear about what exactly a skill share is is not known.
  • All survey participants indicated they were able to bring a personal laptop to a workshop or skill share. This question was prefaced with an explanation that reserving a room with computers may be difficult.
  • One person indicated they are unsure what Linked Data is, therefore could not determine whether or not they would want to hear about it during a skill share.

Volunteer Skill Shares or Workshops

  • One person offered to teach a workshop on social media hacks for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • One person offered to share how artists and filmmakers use archives in their work, how archives impact news and news media, and memory theory and archives.
  • One person offered to teach Neatline, Curatescape, Map Box or Geo JSON.
  • One person is interested in a workshop on project management.
  • One person is interested in a workshop about managing small-scale and large-scale digitization projects.
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