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IbPy - Interactive Brokers Python API


Beginning with release 9.73, InteractiveBrokers is now officially supporting a new Python API client (Python 3 only). This should make this repo superfluous except for Python 2.

For more info:

What is IbPy?

IbPy is a third-party implementation of the API used for accessing the Interactive Brokers online trading system. IbPy implements functionality that the Python programmer can use to connect to IB, request stock ticker data, submit orders for stocks and futures, and more.


There is a package maintained on PyPI under the name IbPy2, it's version is in sync with the tags on GitHub.

pip install IbPy2

Alternatively, it can be installed from source. From within the IbPy directory, execute:

python install

Pip also supports installing directly from GitHub, e.g. if you want commit 83b9d08ed9c850d840a6700d0fb9c3ca164f9bff, use

pip install git+

How do I use IbPy?

See the IbPy wiki page

What are the requirements?

  • Python >2.5 or >3.3. Previous versions are not supported.
  • Either a running instance of Trader Workstation (TWS) or IB Gateway.


IbPy is distributed under the New BSD License. See the LICENSE file in the release for details.


IbPy is not a product of Interactive Brokers, nor is this project affiliated with IB.

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