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-- 用于从 DEVONthink 中生成我的博客中的《每周收藏与分享》文章,例如:
-- 参考了如下脚本:
-- 用于匹配 DEVONthink 中文章的 tag,将文章放在合适的分类下,可根据实际需求修改
-- 最后一个空字符串用于匹配未加 tag 的文章,不要删除
property tagList : {"好奇心", "生活", "Making", "观点", "工具", "游戏", "技术", ""}
tell application id "DNtp"
set theSelection to the selection
if theSelection is {} then error "请选中需要生成的文档"
set theFile to choose file name default name "每月收藏与分享.markdown"
set theMarkdown to my createMarkdown(theSelection)
set thePath to POSIX path of theFile
if thePath does not end with ".markdown" then set thePath to thePath & ".markdown"
do shell script "echo " & quoted form of theMarkdown & ">" & quoted form of thePath
hide progress indicator
on error error_message number error_number
hide progress indicator
if the error_number is not -128 then display alert "DEVONthink Pro" message error_message as warning
end try
end tell
on createMarkdown(theseRecords)
local these_records_before, these_records_after
local current_tag
local this_record, this_markdown, this_tags, this_name, this_URL, this_comment
tell application id "DNtp"
set this_markdown to ""
set these_records_before to {}
set these_records_after to theseRecords
repeat with current_tag in tagList
-- 下一轮循环,只处理未处理过的 record
set these_records_before to these_records_after
set these_records_after to {}
-- 设置一级标题
set current_tag to current_tag as string
if current_tag is equal to "" then
set this_markdown to this_markdown & "# 其他" & return & return
set this_markdown to this_markdown & "# " & current_tag & return & return
end if
repeat with this_record in these_records_before
set this_tags to (tags of this_record) as string
if (this_tags contains current_tag) or (current_tag is equal to "") then
-- 文章标题
set this_name to name of this_record as string
-- 为文章标题添加链接
set this_URL to URL of this_record as string
if this_URL begins with "http" then
set this_name to "[" & this_name & "](" & this_URL & ")"
end if
-- 为文章标题添加对应的格式
set this_markdown to this_markdown & "- **" & this_name & "**" & return & return
-- 添加注释
set this_comment to comment of this_record as string
if this_comment is not equal to "" then
set this_markdown to this_markdown & this_comment & return & return
end if
set end of these_records_after to this_record
end if
end repeat
end repeat
end tell
return this_markdown
end createMarkdown
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