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HTTP Method based Router written in golang
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methodr for golang Build Status GoDoc Coverage Status

methodr provides routing based on the request method written in golang. Fully http.Handler compliant.


$ go get

http.Handle("/foo", methodr.GET(getHandler).POST(postHandler).DEFAULT(notFoundHandler))

Also check the GoDocs.

Why should I use this lib?

  • Simple Interface
  • Fully http.Handler compliant (supports every good routing environment)
  • No reflection/regex/nasty stuff
  • No allocs as handler
  • Fully tested (Coverage >99%)
  • Fast (See Benchmarks)
  • Only Stdlib


  • Helper functions for all methods
  • Full control if your setup is more complex
  • Global or routebased default/catchall handler


Have a look at full and runnable examples in examples/main.go. Also check the GoDocs.


// Setup 1: Restrict route to single method
// POST/PUT/... will result in StatusMethodNotAllowed
// Note: HEAD will use GET unless HEAD handler was set.
http.Handle("/foo1", methodr.GET(getHandler))

// Setup 2: Restrict route with custom default handler
// POST/PUT/... will result in StatusNotFound
http.Handle("/foo2", methodr.GET(getHandler).DEFAULT(notFoundHandler))

//NOTE: If you're not happy with the global default handler, you can set it:
// methodr.DefaultHandler = myBadRequestHandler

// Setup 3: Route depending on method
// Use chains to specify different routes, order is nonrelevant.
// PATCH/PUT/... will result in StatusMethodNotAllowed
http.Handle("/foo3", methodr.GET(getHandler).POST(postHandler))
// Equivalent to: http.Handle("/foo3", methodr.POST(postHandler).GET(getHandler))

// Setup 4: Setup more complicated routes
mux := &methodr.Mux{
    Get:     getHandler,
    Post:    postHandler,
    Patch:   postHandler,
    Default: notFoundHandler,
http.Handle("/foo4", mux)
// Equivalent to:
// http.Handle("/foo4", methodr.GET(getHandler).POST(postHandler).PATCH(postHandler).DEFAULT(notFoundHandler))

To get a list of all available methods see the GoDocs.


BenchmarkNoRoutingReference    500000000             7.46 ns/op         0 B/op          0 allocs/op
BenchmarkRoutingHit             50000000            31.2  ns/op         0 B/op          0 allocs/op
BenchmarkRoutingMissToDefault   50000000            35.0  ns/op         0 B/op          0 allocs/op
BenchmarkRoutingMissToCustom    50000000            36.2  ns/op         0 B/op          0 allocs/op

See benchmark cases at methodr_test.go


Feel free to make a pull request. For bigger changes create a issue first to discuss about it.


See LICENSE file.

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