liballoc - a memory allocator for hobbyist operating systems
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liballoc - a small memory allocator

This is liballoc, a memory allocator for hobby operating systems, originally written by Durand. According to the original page for liballoc it was released into the public domain, but the copy I have contains the 3 clause BSD license.

liballoc.c/h are the original release of liballoc taken from the spoon tarball while liballoc_1_1.c/h are later versions found by detective work using Google.

Using liballoc

There are 4 functions which you need to implement on your system:

int   liballoc_lock();
int   liballoc_unlock();
void* liballoc_alloc(int);
int   liballoc_free(void*,int);
  1. Have a look at liballoc.h for information about what each function is supposed to do.

  2. Have a look at linux.c for an example of how to implement the library on linux.

NOTE: There are two ways to build the library:

1) Compile the library with a new system file. For example, I've
   left linux.c with the default distribution. It gets compiled
   directly into the file.

2) Implement the functions in your application and then just
   link against the default library when you compile
   your app.

Quick Start

You can simply type: "make linux" to build the linux shared library. Thereafter, you can link it directly into your applications during build or afterwards by export the LD_PRELOAD environment variable.

To run bash with the library, for example:

LD_PRELOAD=/full/path/to/ bash

The above command will pre-link the library into the application, essentially replacing the default malloc/free calls at runtime. It's quite cool.

Originally by: Durand Miller