RegexSearch is a Java application that performs searches for regular expressions on multiple text files.
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This repository contains the source code of the RegexSearch application except for packages that are shared between Blank Aspect projects, which can be found in the blankaspect/common repository. Not all the classes of the 'common' packages are required to build the RegexSearch application. Both sets of code conform to the Maven standard directory layout (ie, the sources are in src/main/java ).

The Java version of the source code is 1.8 (Java SE 8).

All the source files in this repo have a tab width of 4. You can set this when viewing individual files on GitHub by appending ?ts=4 to the file's URL. It's almost effortless.

The complete source code of the RegexSearch application is distributed, along with an executable JAR and an installer, through SourceForge:

The distribution contains an Ant file for building the application from source and creating a JAR file. The source code is published on GitHub so that it can be browsed without the need to download an archive and extract its contents.

You may use any of the source code under the terms of the GPL version 3 license.

This repository doesn't contain anything apart from source code because I didn't want to publish the entire contents of my local repo. Git doesn't allow partial clones, so this repository is managed though a secondary local repo and some scripting. Until I find an efficient way of publishing a specified subset of the contents of my local repo, updates of this one will be infrequent, and commits are likely to have collective (and uninformative) comments.