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Implement of Multi Co-Attention Network(MCANet)
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Implementation of Multi Co-Attention Network(MCANet) to solve Object Co-segmentation.

Table of Contents


  • Clone this repository.
  • Python 2.7
  • PyTorch 0.4.1
  • Packages: numpy,opencv-python,matplotlib,glob
  • Datasets: follow the instructions below


Four OCS benchmark datasets are used for evaluating the performance of our proposed MACNet.


Collected by Faktor and Irani(paper), this dataset contains 1,037 images of 20 object classes, and it is the most challenging dataset in the experiment due to extreme intra-class variability, subtle foreground/background discrimination, and class imbalance. Download Link.


Introduced by paper, this dataset encloses images with three common object classes. This dataset raises the particular challenge of noisy outliers, such that images with no common object exist in the dataset. Download Link.


This dataset encompasses 14 image groups with 410 images, each group contains common objects drawn from the same class. Download Link.


There are 38 categories in iCoseg dataset with totally 643 images. Each category composes images containing foreground with limited intra-class variability. Download Link.


  • Implementation
  • the codes of resnet101 and ASPP layer are copied from this work
  • download pretrained MCANet weights at here
  • Note: Training code will be released after our submission is accepted.


Usage: python

Input with multi-classes demo images, output with grouped images. The result visualization can be seen here.

group 1:

group 2:

group 3:



  • Jaccard

Jaccard index reports the ratio of the intersection and union area between the segmented foreground objects and the ground truth.

  • Precision

Precision measures the percentage of correctly segmented object and background pixels.

Usage: python | |


  • average
Dataset VOC10 Internet MSRC
Metric P J P J P J
MCANet 93.5 63.7 94.2 74.8 90.1 73.5
  • voc10
Class A.P. Bike. Bird Boat Bottle Bus. Car Cat Chair Cow D.T. Dog Horse M.B. P.S. P.P. Sheep Sofa Train TV
Metric P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J
MCANet 97.2 77.9 90.7 13.1 96.6 73.1 95.9 71.8 94.6 72.1 94.5 84.2 95.3 82.0 95.0 77.8 89.7 39.2 95.8 78.4 86.6 15.7 95.3 72.1 94.7 73.3 92.9 69.7 93.7 56.1 92.1 51.5 93.7 72.3 88.8 49.5 95.3 79.6 91.6 64.5
  • internet
Class Airplane Car Horse
Metric P J P J P J
MCANet 96.1 73.2 94.7 84.2 91.8 67.1
  • MSRC
Class house plane bike bird dog sign tree chair face flower car sheep cow cat
Metric P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J P J
MCANet 90.6 78.1 94.6 74.3 75.4 49.8 96.5 78.5 95.6 82.5 95.0 86.4 66.7 35.4 90.8 67.5 87.7 67.7 91.8 80.3 91.5 81.2 95.4 84.3 94.6 80.7 95.2 82.5
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