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UrTStats is a real time global stats system for the game Urban Terror <--- That's a cool FPS, seriously, try it ! We are collecting server statuses and aggregate them to generate cool stats. For example, you can view in live the number of players who are online, what gametypes they prefer, etc

You can see a live version here :

###Your stats are wrong! says that there are xxx players online and not yyy !! Well... While I'm doing my best to be sure the backend scripts are running properly, sometimes (or everytimes) servers are not responding because they "are too busy", "send crap", "don't want to answer", "don't care", "hate me" or "have networking problems".

###Want to contribute? Cool, I'm happy to hear that! Depending on your abilities, you can send me feedback, suggest new cool things to statify or read the code and send pull requests ;)

Want to run your own UrTStats?


  • A Server with a decent php version
  • php-rrd (apt-get install php5-rrd)

How to make it work ?

5 Steps (I assume that you already grab a copy of the code):

  1. Edit ./data/conf.ini with your settings
  2. Create directories for each workers on ./crons/slots/ (0, 1, 2,....)
  3. Run all php scrips on ./init/ to create all .rdd files :)
  4. Run crons/masters.cron.php once, to generate a server_list.json for the collector
  5. Add ./crons/collector.cron.php and ./crons/masters.cron.php on your crontab :)

*/30 * * * * php /path/to/Urtstats/crons/masters.cron.php AND */5 * * * * php /path/to/Urtstats/crons/collector.cron.php

And That's all ! UrTStats is now doing stats. After that you'll need to setup the website, but it's not available yet.

About me

I'm blapecool ( @blapecool ). You can contact me by mail (hello AT

Thanks to

  • Barbatos for hosting me :)


Real time global stats system for Urban Terror !






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