Update to jQuery 3.1.1 from the 1.7 version, breaks the flipbook #569

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NinjaKC commented Nov 20, 2016

As the title says, I have taken your basic example for turnjs, and implemented it into a website only to find that it did not work. After a little bit of investigation, I have found that it is jQuery which is causing the issue. The version used on the site of jQuery is 3.1.1, where your demo is 1.7, when trying the basic example with the same change, I get the same broken flipbook.

To describe the break, the bottom corner is relocated to the middle of the page and doesn't fully work (unless on a touch screen, where I can grab it when it appears), and on flipping of the page it is as if I am tearing the book at the seam.

Anyone have any insight into a fix for this?


Confirmed. translateY position calculation for the page seems broken.


Do you have an ETA on the next version release? Same problem here ;(

JackOfSpade commented Dec 8, 2016 edited

I can confirm this. Here is a picture of this bug on Firefox.

Also, the example does not work on Chrome. Which is the latest jQuery version that works?

EDIT: jQuery 2.2.4 is the latest version that works with this script. Still doesn't work on Chrome tho.
Script tag to include jQuery 2.2.4:
<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-2.2.4.js" integrity="sha256-iT6Q9iMJYuQiMWNd9lDyBUStIq/8PuOW33aOqmvFpqI=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

philgruneich commented Dec 13, 2016 edited

Same. This odd behavior occurs in any corner but the top-right corner.

Here's a gif illustrating the issue.

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