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A couple of useful commands for the craft console.
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Console Toolkit plugin for Craft CMS 3.x


This plugin requires:


To install the plugin, follow these instructions.

cd {craft app folder}
composer config repositories.blasvicco.consoletoolkit vcs
composer require blasvicco/console-toolkit
./craft install/plugin console-toolkit

Console Toolkit Overview

This plugin add two console command to craft:

  • One is a re saving entries tool to test that all the entries can be save without error. In case of error a log file will be generated in {craft app folder}/storage/logs/save-fails.logs.
  • The other one is to remove empty fields for native and super table field type.

Using Console Toolkit

In order to execute the re-saving-entries:

cd {craft app folder}
./craft console-toolkit/re-saving-entries/run

In order to execute the remove-empty-fields:

cd {craft app folder}
./craft console-toolkit/remove-empty-fields/run

Brought to you by Blas Vicco

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