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Interface for Intercom
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Intercom plugin for Craft CMS 3.x

Interface for Intercom


This plugin requires:


To install the plugin, follow these instructions.

cd {craft app folder}
composer config repositories.blasvicco.intercom vcs
composer require blasvicco/intercom
./craft install/plugin intercom

Intercom Overview

Routes an email through intercom creating the user if doesn't exist.

Configuring Intercom

A file called config/intercom.php need to be created with the next settings:

return [
  'oauth'  => getenv('YOUR_INTERCOM_OAUTH_HERE'),
  'appId'  => getenv('YOUR_INTERCOM_APP_ID_HERE'),
  'body' => "WEB FORM:\nSubject: _PAGE_\n _DETAILS_",
  //'redirect' => '\home', // optional redirection when not ajax request
  'requireToken' => TRUE, // could it be FALSE and token validation will be skipped

Where _PAGE_ and _DETAILS_ are the fields from the $_POST.

Any $_POST fields are also available using the name like _EMAIL_ or _NAME_.

Using Intercom

In order to use the plugin after install you need to generate a FORM that post the next data structure:

  'ticket' => [
    'extra'   => 'a_valid_token',
    'email'   => 'a_valid_email',
    'name'    => 'not_empty_name',
    'details' => 'not_empty_details',
    'page'    => 'optional_page_title'

A valid token can be requested to intercom/api/token that will return a JSON like this one:


Tokens are valid for no more than 5 minutes.

Brought to you by Blas Vicco

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