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Is there a way to check google rank of page (not domain)? #12

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Mr. Ronald Allen Madsen
Mr. Ronald


thanks a lot for the gem!

I'd like to check page rank of a single (sub) page.

This is what I got:
bundle exec rails runner "puts'').run" => 7
bundle exec rails runner "puts'').run" => nil

This is what I expected:
bundle exec rails runner "puts'').run" => 7
bundle exec rails runner "puts'').run" => 5

The only way I found to get the results is to overriding a method

# force loading in development

# do override
def PageRankr::Site(site)

Is there a better way?

By the way: Ruby 1.8.7, PageRankr 3.0.2


Allen Madsen

Yea, the Site class could use some love. Right now, it's basically stripping out everything except the domain and subdomain stuff. I did that originally to fix some issues with Alexa returning the wrong value if a subdomain is provided (it'll ignore the path). Site should probably store the protocol, path, parameters, and hash parameters and each tracker should determine what level of specificity is usable.

Mr. Ronald

Thanks for clarifying.

Unforunatly I don't have the time to fork right now.

If you plan to implement this you could use ruby's URI classes

require 'uri'
uri = URI.parse('')
puts{|c| "#{c}: #{uri.send(c)}" }

scheme: http
port: 80
path: /some/file
query: param1=foo
fragment: bar

Allen Madsen

Just as an update, I've started work on this, but there are some issues when I run the specs that I haven't worked out yet.


Allen Madsen

3.1.0 should fix this.

Mr. Ronald

Great. Thanks a Lot.

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