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Remote controlled slideshow using Eye of Gnome/Eye of Mate
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This is a very customized project written to sit on top of either the Eye of Gnome or Eye of Mate slideshow feature. It stores a file directory and starts or stops a slideshow of the pictures at that location via a Cherry Py web server.


Install the following software:

Platform Install Eye of GNOME Install Eye of MATE
Debian/Ubuntu/... sudo apt install eog sudo apt install eom
Fedora sudo dnf install eog sudo dnf install eom
Arch/Manjaro/... sudo pacman -S eog sudo pacman -S eom
snap - setup sudo snap install eog Not Available (Yet...)
flatpak and flathub - setup flatpak install flathub org.gnome.eog Not Available (Yet...)

You will need to know which method was used to install Eye of Gnome (package from distro/snap/flatpak).

While the project was orignially targeted towards Eye of GNOME, Eye of MATE was included because Eye of GNOME displays the menu bar in slideshow mode in Lubuntu which I am using this for. You may want to try out both just to see if you have any issues with either one

Run the following commands in your terminal:

git clone
cd slideshow
python3 -m pip install cherrypy
python3 src/ [--skipconfig]
# The --skipconfig parameter starts up the server without displaying the configuration menu





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