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Wipes some personal information from your Nintendo Switch by removing it from PRODINFO (CAL0).

NOTE: Atmosphere blocks writes to PRODINFO, so you must use ReiNX, SX OS, or a custom KIP to install this. Once installed, you can switch back to Atmosphere.


a) It enables your switch to go online while worrying slightly less about a ban. b) It prevents malicious homebrew applications from stealing your personal certificate.


  • This application does not remove all personal information from your Switch, and should not be treated as a true preventative measure against getting banned.

  • ALWAYS have a NAND backup. I am not responsible for any bricks or bans. Use at your own risk, as this is an experimental program.

  • This application backs up your PRODINFO to the SD card, as backup/PRODINFO.bin You should keep this backup in a more secure location, and not leave it on the SD card where it could be subject to corruption or be read by malicious applications.

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