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Lightweight Nintendo Switch Title Installer
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Lightweight Nintendo Switch Title Installer. Works with 7.X.


Nintendo Switch homebrew title installer, for the single purpose of installing titles

  • If you are looking for Goldleaf, this is Goldleaf's safer and way more extended evolution.

If you are a current Goldleaf user, you need Lithium!

Note: this readme is a parody of goldleaf's readme: Logo


Unzip files to your root SD card, then run lithium.nro through homebrew launcher.


Just browse to y our NSP files, and click A on them to install.

If you get an error about signature verification, the file has been modified and could potentially be dangerous, so to protect your switch the installation has been blocked. If you wish to override this and install anyway, enable "install unsigned code" in the install options. The password is U U D D L R L R B A +.

Adding Network Locations

Go to the "File Browser", press X to create new, select "FTP", "HTTP", or "NUT" protocol, fill in the required information, then press X to save. Then you can browse to files and install from the network.

USB Install

Use NUT server to install from PC to Nintendo switch via USB:


This is a simple version of the more advanced Tinfoil: . If you are an advanced user, you may enjoy Tinfoil's extra features more.

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