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Help Leta (no relation to any real persons living or dead), teenage climate-activist and general world-superhero, use a time machine to go back in time and fight the effects, and then the causes of climate change using her fists of fury - but watch out! Her time-manipulator is on the fritz, and she's spiralling through the ages, changing timezone every thirty seconds! Can you stop the world from heating up?

Climate Unchange is a game created at the Sheffield University ShefJam7 game jam in the space of 40 hours by two people. The theme was "Climate Change" so, thinking that there would be quite a few down-beat and maybe depressing "end-of-the-world" type entries decided to make an a more up-beat crazy hack n' slash and/or bullethell game in which a Thunbergian character takes the fight to climate change in a very direct manner while still reminding players of at least some core environmental knowledge.

As with most games made at game jams, this was rather rushed and the end result differs from our goal quite significantly. It is the first 2D game to test the use of the Blayze Tech Utils tools. It may well be the last. We were pleasantly surprised when this game won the Jam's award for "Funniest Game".

Run either by running the compile and run shell script ( or run $ javac *.java followed by $ java ClimateUnchange to compile and then run the game.

To play, move Leta around the screen using either WASD or the arrow keys, then PUNCH with the spacebar! The symptoms of climate change are dealt with easily with one punch, while the causes require multiple punches to sort out. Monitor how much of an effective Leta is having on the climate using the thermometer on the right. If it gets too hot it's over in more ways than one!


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