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WP Get Products From Amazon PA API 5

WP Get Products From Amazon PA API 5 allows you to easily add products from Amazon PA API 5 to your website. The plugin retrieves product title, image url, features and affiliate link from the API. You can then embed the product to your posts with the shortcode [gpfa asin="productAsin"] where productAsin is asin number of Amazon product.


  1. Navigate to the releases page of the repository.
  2. Download the latest release zip file
  3. Rename the zip folder to
  4. Rename the folder in the folder to wp-gpfa
  5. On your WordPress website navigate to the plugins section and upload the plugin (
  6. Click Activate
  7. Click Settings -> WP Get Products From Amazon PA API 5 in the main menu and configure the plugin
  8. Add shortcode [gpfa asin="asinNumber"] where asinNumber is asin number of Amazon product.
  9. Optional but recommended: Create a folder wp-gpfa in your child theme and copy template from wp-content/plugins/wp-gpfa/public/templates/basic-template.php to the wp-gpfa folder in your child theme. Edit the template to your liking.

Requirements & Compatibiltiy

  • WordPress Version 4.3.0 or higher
  • PHP Version 5.3 or higher
  • Tested up to: WordPress Version 5.4


  1. Smart Cache - it allows you to store products information in the database rather than retrieving it from the API every time a page loads. Products in the database are then updated via CRON task which prevents throttled requests from the API and increases page speed.
  2. Cache Refresh Interval - cached products are updated via CRON job daily, twice daily or hourly. You select the interval in the settings.
  3. Custom Templates - while the plugin comes with a very basic template, it is recommended that you create your own template which fits your needs and website. How to create a custom template is explained in the documentation.
  4. Retrieve product information from whichever locale via filters. For more information see the documentation.

Want to contribute to WP Get Products From Amazon PA API 5?

Getting started

Within your WordPress installation, navigate to wp-content/plugins and run the following commands:

git clone
cd rate-my-post


This plugin is NOT associated with Amazon in any way.



This project is licensed under the GPLv3 License - see the file for details


  • Hat tip to anyone whose code was used


WordPress plugin which retrieves information about products from Amazon PA API 5








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