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Release Notes

Release 0.7.3

  • General maturation of many backends through use.
  • Renamed into to odo

Release 0.7.0

  • Pull out data migration utilities to into project
  • Out-of-core CSV support now depends on chunked pandas computation
  • h5py and bcolz backends support multi-threading/processing
  • Remove data directory including SQL, HDF5 objects. Depend on standard types within other projects instead (e.g. sqlalchemy.Table, h5py.Dataset, ...)
  • Better support SQL nested queries for complex queries
  • Support databases, h5py files, servers as first class datasets

Release 0.6.6

  • Not intended for public use, mostly for internal build systems
  • Bugfix

Release 0.6.5

  • Improve uri string handling #715
  • Various bug fixes #715

Release 0.6.4

  • Back CSV with pandas.read_csv. Better performance and more robust unicode support but less robust missing value support (some regressions) #597
  • Much improved SQL support #626 #650 #652 #662
  • Server supports remote execution of computations, not just indexing #631
  • Better PyTables and datetime support #608 #639
  • Support SparkSQL #592

Release 0.6.3

  • by takes only two arguments, the grouper and apply child is inferred using common_subexpression
  • Better handling of pandas Series object
  • Better printing of empty results in interactive mode
  • Regex dispatched resource function bound to Table, e.g.

Release 0.6.2

  • Efficient CSV to SQL migration using native tools #454
  • Dispatched drop and create_index functions #495
  • DPlyr interface at blaze.api.dplyr. #484
  • Various bits borrowed from that interface
    • transform function adopted to main namespace
    • Summary object for named reductions
    • Keyword syntax in by and merge e.g. by(t, t.col, label=t.col2.max(), label2=t.col2.min())
  • New Computation Server #527
  • Better PyTables support #487 #496 #526

Release 0.6.1

  • More consistent behavior of into
  • bcolz backend
  • Control namespace leakage

Release 0.6

  • Nearly complete rewrite
  • Add abstract table expression system
  • Translate expressions onto a variety of backends
  • Support Python, NumPy, Pandas, h5py, sqlalchemy, pyspark, PyTables, pymongo

Release 0.5

  • HDF5 in catalog.
  • Reductions like any, all, sum, product, min, max.
  • Datetime design and some initial functionality.
  • Change how Storage and ddesc works.
  • Some preliminary rolling window code.
  • Python 3.4 now in the test harness.

Release 0.4.2

  • Fix bug for compatibility with numba 0.12
  • Add sql formats
  • Add hdf5 formats
  • Add support for numpy ufunc operators

Release 0.4.1

  • Fix bug with compatibility for numba 0.12

Release 0.4

  • Split the datashape and blz modules out.
  • Add catalog and server for blaze arrays.
  • Add remote arrays.
  • Add csv and json persistence formats.
  • Add python3 support
  • Add scidb interface

Release 0.3

  • Solidifies the execution subsystem around an IR based on the pykit project, as well as a ckernel abstraction at the ABI level.
  • Supports ufuncs running on ragged array data.
  • Cleans out previous low level data descriptor code, the data descriptor will have a higher level focus.
  • Example out of core groupby operation using BLZ.

Release 0.2

  • Brings in dynd as a required dependency for in-memory data.

Release 0.1

  • Initial preview release
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