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a fireworks alternative application, made using python, wxwidgets. for linux and windows
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Gamra is a graphics application aim to replace fireworks for bothlinux, windows, the application is a targeting webdesigners


Tools and libraries

  • Python
  • wxpython
  • cairo


  • vector illustration
  • Raster images modefication
  • ease of use

Faculty of computer and informatics studentsSuez canal university, Egypt the project is developed as summer training course 2009/2010

How to contribute
you can fork that repository by clicking the fork button above and head to : you’ll find tasks explained, don’t worry it’s very simple for wxpython and cairo developers. you can choose a task and comment that you’ll do it, when you done send pull request to me (blazeeboy) and i’ll review your commit and merge it if valid.

Wanna say i like that project ?
you can watch the project for “i like that project” or you can fork it to say “Go a head guys i love it” e-mails and PMs are always welcome to encourage us.

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