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Blazegraph™ Database is an ultra high-performance graph database supporting Blueprints and RDF/SPARQL APIs. It supports up to 50 Billion edges on a single machine and has a High Availability and Scale-out architecture and, now, GPU Acceleration. It is in production use for Fortune 500 customers such as EMC, Autodesk, and many others.
This is a major release of Blazegraph™. The official release is now made into the Git repository:
Blazegraph Features (
2.1.1 is a maintenance release for 2.1.0 release. It is recommended that all users upgrade to 2.1.1. See
* Bug fixes for Lucene Text Indexing
* Geospatial bug fixes
* Support for inlining Hex-based UUIDs
* Support for multiple inline URI handlers at a single namespace
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Checkout the latest source code:
git clone -b BLAZEGRAPH_RELEASE_2_1_1 --single-branch BLAZEGRAPH_RELEASE_2_1_1
Release Notes - Blazegraph (by SYSTAP) - Version BLAZEGRAPH_2_1_1
** Bug
* [BLZG-1202] - Groups with unbound values ignored by aggregate queries
* [BLZG-1395] - Multiple OPTIONAL statements in a UNION fail to retrieve results
* [BLZG-1563] - RemoteRepositoryManager.close() issue
* [BLZG-1760] - having incorrectly says: Non-aggregate variable in select expression:
* [BLZG-1763] - Wildcard projection was not rewritten
* [BLZG-1827] - RemoteRepositoryManager#close() doesn't release resources
* [BLZG-1856] - Create a SampledVertices enum which calls the existing call.
* [BLZG-1857] - Create a new method which returns All for the AllVertices enum.
* [BLZG-1862] - infinite loop with named solution set
* [BLZG-1875] - RDR UPDATE Problems
* [BLZG-1876] - Lucene TokenStream contract violation: close() call missing
* [BLZG-1877] - GASProgram should be able to vote to halt via nextRound() regardless of whether there are vertices in the frontier
* [BLZG-1883] - Blazegraph RPM and Debian Deployers do not follow Unix Standards
* [BLZG-1884] - RWStore ASYNC IO fails to make progress (apparent deadlock)
* [BLZG-1888] - Custom Prefix Declarations does not properly handle end of file
* [BLZG-1889] - ArrayIndexOutOfBound Exception
* [BLZG-1892] - Suspected wrong visibility scoping for named graph-valued variables.
* [BLZG-1893] - Problems with Fulltext Index
* [BLZG-1897] - Distance between point and itself is not zero
* [BLZG-1899] - NotMaterializedException caused by HTree hash index
* [BLZG-1913] - DELETE + WHERE or INSERT + WHERE cause NPE in BTree while DELETE + INSERT + WHERE does not
* [BLZG-1929] - presigned s3 url of *.gz will not get load
* [BLZG-1943] - Custom geo serializer
** Improvement
* [BLZG-1848] - inCircle geosearch returning also distance from center
* [BLZG-1944] - Support GZIP Compression for INSERT REST API
** New Feature
* [BLZG-1936] - UUID Suffix Inline URI Handler
* [BLZG-1937] - Hex-based UUID URI Handler
* [BLZG-1938] - Support Multiple Inline URI Handlers for a given namespace
* [BLZG-1945] - Freebase Custom Vocabulary
** Task
* [BLZG-1922] - Code review and merge of concurrent checkpoint by level set of the index
* [BLZG-1924] - Benchmark 2.1.1 Release
** Sub-task
* [BLZG-618] - Allow aggregates in ORDER BY and HAVING clauses
* [BLZG-1946] - Inline URI Handler for Freebase MID and GUID formats