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Submitting Bugs

Please feel free to ask questions in our community forum. If you feel you've uncovered a bug and would like us to take a look at it, please make our lives easier by demonstrating the bug in a self-contained test case.

JIRA Migration

Blazegraph is now using JIRA for issue tracking! For a mapping of Trac issues to JIRA tickets, see below. The Trac system will be maintained in a read-only mode and contains links to the corresponding JIRA tickets that were migrated from Trac.



If the bug is in the SAIL, then please use our template for SAIL bugs, which you will you find in the bigdata-sails module at:


The test template is intended to demonstrate a problem with a query against a particular data set, either an outright failure (exception), or just an incorrect answer.

** Please note that this template is currently in the QUADS_QUERY_BRANCH, not in the trunk. Once we release the new query engine this template will exist in the trunk and all development branches.**

  1. Please make a copy of the test template using the same package (com.bigdata.rdf.sail).
  2. If possible, your test case should demonstrate just one bug. For multiple bugs, please try to use multiple separate test cases.
  3. The test template is self-contained (database properties, data, query). The properties are specified in the getProperties() method at line 78. Data is supplied in a file and loaded from the test case. Modify lines 119-121 to specify your data. The query to run is specified directly below that on line 126.
  4. The test case uses a delegate pattern for its underlying backing store. There are three possible delegates - a quad store, a triple store, and a triple store with SIDs. See the javadoc for how to configure the delegate.
  5. Please do not specify a journal file in your properties. The test case will use a temporary file for its journal and clean it up afterwards. This encourages you to demonstrate your problem using a SMALL data set, which makes debugging much easier for us.
  6. The general pattern for the test case is that it will load the data into two stores - a bigdata store using the appropriate delegate and property overrides and an in-memory Sesame store. It will then run the query against the Sesame store, building up the correct answer to the query. It will then run the same query against the bigdata store and compare the answer.
  7. Once you have a running test case that demonstrates your problem, please file a JIRA ticket on our JIRA issue tracker describing the problem and attach the data file and the test case file. We will expect to be able to paste these files directly into bigdata-sails/src/test/com/bigdata/rdf/sail, run the test case, and have it fail.
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