ActiveEvent is a Burp plugin that integrates Burp Scanner and Splunk events
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ActiveEvent Burp Plugin

ActiveEvent is a Burp plugin that will continuously monitor Burp scanner looking for new security issues. As soon as the scanner reports new vulnerabilities, the plugin will generate an Splunk Event directly into its management interface using the Http Event Collector.


git clone

To use Ruby extensions, it is necessary to download JRuby and configure the JRuby enviroment.

export JRUBY_HOME=/usr/local/bin/ruby (path to your ruby binary)

Load the extension

To run this plugin you need to call Burp Suite from the command line and specify the Splunk IP address, TCP port and a valid SPLUNK API KEY, respectively.

java -XX:MaxPermSize=1G -jar burp.jar 8088 'xxx-yyy-'

As soon as Burp starts, go to Extender Tab > Options> Ruby Enviroment and specify the path to your Jruby jar file. Next in the Extender Tab > Extensions > Add, choose Ruby as an extension type and the path to this plugin.

You should see the plugin output:

[*] ActiveEvent plugin loaded successfully
[*] - Waiting for scanner findings ...


Burp Extender documentation


  • Tiago Ferreira - tiago at blazeinfosec dot com


This project is licensed under the Apache License - see the LICENSE file for details