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Easy to use survey system in PHP
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PHP Simple Survey

This survey system is written in PHP. It is small in size and footprint but it can handle alot.


This is what everyone wants to see first right?


The user interface is very clean and modern. Eliminate distractions for users so they can focus on providing you better answers ![alt tag]( "Survey interface")

Administration Panel

The backend panel allows you to view the results from a overall perspective. An email will be sent to you with every survey submission, but the results page allows you to view the overall results as your survey collects responses. ![alt tag]( "Results")

The administration panel also allows you to add and edit questions on your survey. There are currently 6 different question types:

  • Yes or No
  • Text Box
  • Paragraph
  • Multiple Choice
  • Expanded Multiple Choice
  • Number Slider

alt tag

User Support

While multiple user support isn't a feature yet, it is on the list of things to do! Currently, one administrator account is created at instalation. The goal is to have 3 different kinds of accounts. One admin (created at install), full access, and read only.

alt tag

#Installation To install the survey system, run install.php. You MAY have to CHMOD THE DIRECTORY FOR FULL WRITE ACCESS (this will be changed in the future). You will need a MYSQL database to use the survey. Durring installation, it will ask you for your DB credidentials and create the required tables.

#Help Wanted This is by no means a finished product. If you would like to help develop this survey there are most likely some issues or featured logged on Github. In the rare event that there are not, feel free to suggest and work on a feature that you think would benifit the project the most.

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