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== Welcome to MediaMaid
MediaMaid is an easy-to-use asset manager extension for Radiant CMS.

== Features

- Resizes images to thumbnails on upload
- Configure thumbnail, and other sizes through admin settings
- Super easy 1-click insertion of image, video, and audio files, with HTML mark-up into blog post
- Users can view image gallery without leaving Edit Page
- Batch import rake task brings files from local directory into asset directory and resizes
- You can change the HTML that inserts with the 1-click option

== Getting Started
1. Install ImageMagick for your system. i.e. for Mac OS X":
Follow the various steps per O/S to fully install ImageMagick.  I found it helpful to edit the ".bashrc" file in my Mac O/S to add the environment variables:

MAGICK_HOME=[ImageMagick Installation Directory]/ImageMagick-6.5.8
PATH=[other path vars]:[ImageMagick installation directory]/bin
DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=[your installation directory]/lib

2. If you don't already have it, you'll need the paperclip gem

gem install paperclip

3. If you don't have it installed, install Settings extension. In your Radiant root directory, enter:

git clone git:// settings

4. Run the following to fully install Settings:

rake radiant:extensions:settings:migrate
rake radiant:extensions:settings:update

5. In your vendor/extensions directory, clone the code from github:

git clone mediamaid

6. Run Radiant extension command-line functions:
rake radiant:extensions:mediamaid:migrate
rake radiant:extensions:mediamaid:update

7. Restart server

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