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@blazingkin blazingkin released this Sep 17, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

Changelog for 2.6. A version with pictures is available on the language site

Version 2.6

  • Add blz -p list command line option to list loaded packages
  • Add exit(exit_code) to specify an exit code
  • Add raw_print(char) to print bytes
  • Changes to how packages are loaded. First try BPM packages, then BLZPACKES, then installation directory
  • Complete rewrite of block parsing
  • Improve parsing error messages
  • Improve runtime error messages
  • Functions now return last line evaulated by default
  • Allow all Array primitive methods to support !
  • Fix bug in ceil that gave incorrect results
  • Allow for overriding of < and == in constructors, other methods are inferred from these
  • The user-defined show method will be called on objects when attempting to cast them to strings
  • Add split_on_token to strings
  • Add to_json to strings, numbers, booleans, arrays, hashes and nil
  • Add nil? to objects
  • Add size and sample to arrays
  • Try Catch Blocks are now supported
  • Add {arguments} environment variable
  • Add read, read_line, read_all, and write to resources (files and network connections)
  • Add lambda using (arg1, arg2, arg3 -> expression) syntax
  • Add proper support for escape characters \# and \" in strings
  • Add string replace method to replace characters
  • Add throw builtin to throw custom values as errors
  • Add lexer to catch more syntax errors and correctly parse everything

Test Mode

  • blz -t source.blz another.blz runs all methods in the given sources that start with test


  • Supports blocks (for, while, if, methods) but not constructors

Test Package

  • Add expect, a testing framework
  • Add Expect::is, Expect::is_not, Expect::is_less_than, Expect::is_greater_than, Expect::is_nil, Expect::is_false, Expect::is_true (and example is expect(2 + 2).is(4))

JSON Package

  • Add parse_json(json_string) method that will parse json or throw a JSONError if the json is invalid.

CSV Package

  • Add parse_csv(string) method that will parse csv

Math Package

  • Add trig functions sin, cos, tan, cot, sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent

FileSystem Package

  • open(path, mode) allows for opening files
  • open_http(path), open_https(path), open_url(path) allow for opening network resources

Lists Package

  • Add LinkedList constructor
  • Add range(start_or_end, end) method to get easily get all integers in a range

Project Structure / Organization

  • Use maven to build
  • Add unit tests for many ASTNodes
  • Move parse classes to their own package
  • Clean up old unused code
  • Restructure Tests folder
  • Allow for error message testing


  • Function names can now have : in the middle of them (please don't use this in production)
  • Add EXPERIMENTAL async builtin (please don't use this in production)
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