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How to install the blz language for various operating systems

Already Installed?

You can update blz by running blz-update


1.) Install the Java JRE

2.) Add the Java bin folder to your PATH (help from oracle)

3.) Download the blz-ospl project from github

4.) Add the bin folder to your PATH

5.) From the command line, run

blz -i

MacOS and GNU/Linux (UNIX-like)

Option 1 (installation script)

Use the installation script available here. (Always read scripts you download before running them).

Option 2 (manual)

1.) Install Java

2.) Clone the blz-ospl project from github

3.) Add the blz-ospl 'bin' folder to your path

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:INSTALLDIRECTORY/bin' >> ~/.bash_profile

Where INSTALLDIRECTORY is the directory where you saved blz-ospl

4.) Reload your bash profile

. ~/.bash_profile

5.) From the terminal, run

blz -i


The blz language is available as a docker image in the blzlang/blz dockerhub repository

If you have docker already installed on your system, it is easy to try out!

To run interactive mode

1.) docker run -it blzlang/blz -i

To create a docker image

1.) Create a dockerfile FROM blzlang/blz

2.) Setup dockerfile as normal

3.) Use RUN blz YourFile.blz or CMD blz YourFile.blz

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