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CoolReader 3 - free e-book reader

(c) Vadim Lopatin, 1998-2009 All source codes (except thirdparty directory) are provided under the terms of GNU GPL license, version 2

This is a fork of pocketbook-port (

Source code is available at

The forum thread is at

Help translating the app at



Grab the zip corresponding to your firmware from the link above. (Check the firmware from your device menu)

360  -> PB360
pro2 -> FW2.*
pro4 -> FW4.*
pro5 -> FW5.*

After downloading the zip file, extract it and copy the system dir to your device (overwrite the existing one)

Features summary (compared to pkb's version)


  • FW5 compatible [pal]
  • Google & Wikipedia buttons in the dictionary window
  • Set book cover as power off logo [pal]
  • Get hardware depth from device
  • Control front light brightness by vertically swiping in FW5
  • Control front light color by vertically swiping in FW5
  • Turn pages by horizontally swiping
  • Rewritten TOC window
  • StandBy Mode
  • Updated translations
  • Full screen update on book load
  • Fixed font selection bug in settings [pkb]
  • Cite toolbar is working with touch devices
  • Updated freetype
  • More hyphenations
  • Pinch screen to change font size
  • Chinese is correctly shown in menus
  • More page margin values
  • More font size values
  • Set default skin according to firmware and screen resolution (for fresh installs)


  • Default font size (up to 300px)
  • Formatting settings > Space expanding percent [xl743]
  • Display settings > Standby
  • Display settings > Custom system theme
  • Display settings > Use new TOC menu
  • Font settings > Font embolding [xl743]
  • Font settings > Tracking [xl743]
  • Style settings > * > Letter spacing [xl743]
  • Page settings > Status line settings > Time format
  • Page settings > Status line settings > Default font size (up to 300px)
  • Control settings > Page Turn Swipes
  • Control settings > Front Light Swipes
  • Control settings > Pinch zoom
  • Clear cache
  • OTA Update (through Github)


  • Show when long-tapping a word [pkb]
  • Window doesn't jump around
  • Set current word as default in the search keyboard
  • Treat some dictionary "redirects" for Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  • Working with Chinese [ailin-nemui]
  • Try matching case sensitive before case insensitive

Tap actions

  • Toggle system panel
  • Open system panel (FW5 only)
  • Launch front light (FW4 only, FW5 uses system panel)
  • Toggle invert display
  • Toggle status bar
  • Tasks list
  • Lock device
  • OTA Update
  • Full screen update
  • Toggle Front Light (FW5 only)
  • Set bookmark (for current page)
  • Delete bookmark (for current page)
  • Enter standby mode


  • Changed the grey things to black
  • New FW5 skin (for 758x1024 screens)
  • Redesigned menu for touch devices with resolution greater than 600x800 using theme pb626fw5
  • New touch menu automatically adapts to different resolutions
  • Dictionary font automatically adapts to different resolutions
  • Long tap the bookmark icon in the new menu to toggle current page bookmark


  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian


crengine   - CREngine (DOM/XML/CSS ebook rendering library) sources
cr3gui     - CR3 with CR3GUI for e-ink devices sources
thirdparty - third party libraries, to use if not found in system
tinydict   - small library for .dict file format support
tools      - miscellaneous configuration files

External dependencies:

common: zlib, libpng, libjpeg, freetype, libcurl
cr3gui/xcb: libxcb, fontconfig
cr3gui/nanoX: libnanoX

Setting up the build environment:

# update repositories
sudo apt-get update

# install required binaries
sudo apt-get install cmake git zip

# download sdk
git clone ~/PBDEV

# create required dirs
mkdir -p ~/PBDEV/sources ~/PBDEV/releases/coolreader3/dev

# download CR3 source
# (if you symlink this dir cmake will crash!)
git clone ~/PBDEV/sources/cr3-fork

Building stable version:

# go to the CR3 source
cd ~/PBDEV/sources/cr3-fork

# make sure you're working with "master" branch
git checkout master

# update source code
git pull

# build for all firmwares

# or build for a single firmware
bash pro5

# you'll find your builds in ~/PBDEV/releases/coolreader3/dev/

Building dev version:

# go to the CR3 source
cd ~/PBDEV/sources/cr3-fork

# switch to "dev" branch
git checkout dev

# update source code
git pull

# build for all firmwares

# or build for a single firmware
bash pro5

# you'll find your builds in ~/PBDEV/releases/coolreader3/dev/