Generic function based arithmetic, based on example of Fatemen. Includes symbolic arithmetic using Maxima as a back-end.
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BLD's Generic Arithmetic Library

Generic arithmetic library, following the example of Dr. Richard Fateman's "Building Algebra Systems by Overloading Lisp: Automatic Differentiation". Shadows the native arithmetic functions and re-defines them as generic functions. Methods are then defined for numeric arguments to call the CL package functions. Methods can be defined for whatever classes you wish (e.g. symbols, vectors, matrices).

To use the generic arithmetic functions in this package, you need to shadow out the native functions and import the corresponding generic functions you want to use. For example, in a symbolic algebra package you might define:

(defpackage :my-package
  (:use :common-lisp)
  (:shadowing-import-from :bld-gen
    + - * / expt
    sin cos tan
    atan asin acos
    sinh cosh tanh
    asinh acosh atanh
    log exp sqrt abs
    min max signum))

Then, you can use DEFMETHOD to overload them with the definitions you want.

Symbolic Simplification with BLD-SYMBOLIC

Implementation of symbolic simplification using MAXIMA as a backend has been moved to the BLD-SYMBOLIC repository.