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Anyxporter (Any Exporter)

The idea is that this software can be configured to export different kinds of data, probably typically PIM data from mobile devices. And that there can be a choice of different export formats, specified in an end-user customizable manner (as a Lua script). And that one can build different exporter applications from this codebase, and package them up as separate variants of this application.

This, then, is sort of a template for exporter apps; just go fill in the details of your exporter app, and perhaps implement your own data source backend and your own output formatter script. To maintain an exporter together with this codebase, just create a variant configuration for it, giving the variant a hopefully descriptive name.

Currently only contact data is supported, and only using the Qt Mobility Contacts API. Not all conceivable data available through the API is currently exportable, but the philosophy is to error out if anything unexportable is encountered (or at least add a note to the exported data that something unexportable was present in a given context), after which more code needs adding to handle that type of data. Exporting has so far been successfully tried on Qt Simulator, MeeGo Harmattan (Maemo 6), and Symbian.

Only XML export of contacts data is currently supported, and only saving as a file on a local filesystem is fully supported. There is also initial HTTP POSTing code in place, and we hope to add other transmission options, such as Bluetooth OBEX Push.

There is currently no GUI implemented, so your target better have a console of some sort so that you can run the program and see any possible error output. Some of the Symbian configurations create a console themselves so that they can be used standalone.

Work on Magnolia integration is still work in progress with respect to the build system, and is for now maintained in a separate magnolia branch.

Building and Running

Run the configure script, specifying your chosen variant, e.g.

./ variants/cxx-mock.var.rkt

and then

make test

provided that building and execution can be done natively for the configuration. This is not the case for the Qt Simulator build, for example, so for that

./ qt-simulator-console.var.rkt

to produce a prodect configuration for Qt Creator, and then do building and running under the IDE.

If the output formatter script is specified as a relative path, make sure to check the working directory of any IDE run configuration.

Prebuilt Binaries

Building for the desktop and MeeGo Harmattan should present no problems, but the Symbian build scripts assume a non-standard style of SDK installation (to support builds on Linux and Mac OS X). See the download branch for prebuilt binaries, e.g.