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Script to push haproxy statistics to zabbix
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Usage: ./zabbix_haproxy [arguments]
This program reads the HAProxy config file for special notations and uses this info
to send data about certain hosts in haproxy to zabbix.

The haproxy config has 'frontend' sections and 'server' lines. These lines are annotated
with a special comment which tells this script that the frontend or server is tagged for

Example config line where the frontend named 'irc-galleria' (the former) is sent to zabbix
host named 'irc-galleria' (the later).
frontend irc-galleria # (irc-galleria)

Another example for a server where server named suomirock is sent to zabbix host named
  server suomirock check weight 16 maxconn 200   # (suomirock.web.pri)

All hosts in zabbix must be tagged to use Template_HAProxyItem

Command line arguments:
   -c <filename>    HAProxy config file
   -u <url>         URL where the haproxy statistics are. ex:;csv
   -z <full path>   Path to zabbix_sender
   -s <hostname>    Zabbix server host.
   -p <port>        Zabbix trapper port. DEFAULT: 10051
   -H <host>:<port> Hostname where the realm is active if HTTP Authentication is to be used. OPTIONAL
   -r <realm>       HTTP Authentication basic realm OPTIONAL
   -C <user>:<pass> HTTP Authentication username and password OPTIONAL
   -h <hostname>    Optional Host: <hostname> header parameter.
   -v               turn verbose mode on.
   -d               turn debug mode on (prints more than verbose).

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