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This repository contains the Winapp2.ini file that can be used with BleachBit to add additional functionality.

This repository previously was used to track a (partial) history of the Winapp2.ini file that was maintained at plus some of the removed entries, which were added back in for use with BleachBit. Now the development of the upstream file moved to its own GitHub repository (called "upstream" here), so new history is tracked there.


  • Winapp2-BleachBit.ini: the file for use with BleachBit - this is likely what you want
  • Winapp2.ini: the unmodified file from upstream with entries removed for CCleaner added back in
  • Sanity checks for Winapp2.ini
  • Processing and sanity checks for Winapp2.ini
  • Generate statistics on FileKey#, DetectKey#, and Environment Variables

Reporting bugs

For bugs in the unmodified Winapp2.ini file or to report a change that belongs upstream (which benefits BleachBit, CCleaner, System Ninja, and Avira System Speedup), please see the Winapp2 GitHub page.

For issues with the Winapp2.ini as it relates specifically to BleachBit, please file a bug report in the BleachBit winapp2.ini repository. If the issue is with the BleachBit application (for example, how it interprets the Winapp2.ini), please file the issue in the BleachBit application repository.


The Winapp2.ini file does not have an explicit license. The original software in this repository (Bash and Python) are licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or later.