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Brogue+ v1.7.4.1

Brogue+ is not intended to take Brogue in a more Nethacky direction; it just offers a few new features that I think fit well within Brogue's already very elegant systems.

If you are not interested in new content, a version is also available with only UI improvements and non-breaking bugfixes. That version is fully compatible with saves and replays from vanilla 1.7.4.

New Content

  • New monsters: goblin skirmisher and dar assassin
  • New boss monster: medusa (with her own special lair)
  • New legendary ally: valkyrie
  • New items: ring of spell chaining and wand of fortifications
  • New runics: weapon of enervation and armor of vanishing

How to Download and Play

Windows-only executables are available under releases. ASCII and tiles versions are both available.

Gameplay Changes

  • Lightning interacts with water in new ways. If a bolt of lightning hits a (non-flying) creature in water the bolt will not continue in a straight line. It will instead arc to the nearest creature in the water that has not already been hit by the bolt, or terminate if no such creature exists. Also, a bolt of lightning will effect a submerged creature, but only in water (not a bog or lava). If the caster is standing in the pool of water he can be targeted by the bolt. Water overrides any effect of a ring of spell chaining.
  • Medusa petrifies everyone. If you think she has sealed you off from the rest of the level don't despair because her victims will eventually crumble away.
  • Rest and search have been unified.
  • Goblins, dar and ogres will enter a corridor when attacked at range.
  • Obstruction crystals extinguish fires.
  • Armor of respiration now has a timer (dependent on enchantment) that will expire if you remain in toxic gas for too long.
  • Imps and monkeys sometimes throw cursed potions.
  • 40% of all cursed runics have positive enchantment, some have very high enchantment.
  • Captive naga and trolls are less common and are found at deeper depths.
  • Whips worsen your stealth radius when you attack. (They are loud!)
  • Empowerment now cures discord and 'reloads' skirmishers with ammo.
  • Kraken now attack all adjacent enemies.
  • Spiders do more damage.
  • Pheonix eggs have much less health but regenerate quickly.
  • Pheonix and ifrit are classified as fireborne.
  • Acid turret classified as turret.
  • Black jelly, pink jelly, acid jelly and acid mound classified as ooze.

UI Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Monsters with items have an item icon on the sidebar.
  • A monster's combat info now correctly states the percent of health that will be poisoned by successive attacks with a staff of poison.
  • If two rings of the same type are equipped, the rings' descriptions will change to reflect the combined benefit.
  • High score list now reads "Killed by the Warden of Yendor".
  • Autopilot now ends if an item is stolen from you or if you pass a health alert threshold.


Thanks to Pender for making this wonderful game, thanks to andrewdoull and Guitar (from the old Brogue forums) for their ideas for the wand of fortifications and the medusa.

Known Issues

Very rarely, a medusa doesn't seem to petrify anyone (including the player). This bug is hard to repeat and I don't know the cause.


I am looking for feedback, especially regarding: Does the ring of spell chaining scale well with further enchantment? Does the medusa petrify too quickly or too slowly? Is the valkyrie too good for a legendary ally? She never flees from combat and reflects healing and empowerment. This is to intentionally make her harder to keep alive, which should offset her power.