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Angular File Uploader
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Angular 2+ File Uploader


Add ngx-uploader module as dependency to your project.

npm install ngx-uploader --save

or using yarn:

yarn add ngx-uploader
  • app.module.ts is a sample how to to include ngx-uploader into your project.
  • app.component.ts defines example how to handle events in component or service.
  • app.component.html represents HTML template with usage examples of ngFileDrop and ngFileSelect directives.

Running demo on local machine

Building demo source code

npm run build:prod
node dist/api/index.js

Then open your browser at http://localhost:4900.

Running demo using Docker

docker build -t ngx-uploader .
docker run -it --rm -p 4900:4900 ngx-uploader

Again, you are ready to open your browser at http://localhost:4900.



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