Simple blog app built with Cordova and powered by Sling
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Cordova + Sling blog app

A simple blog app built with Cordova and powered by Sling.


The server side components are based upon the espblog sample, with the small addition of a script to handle .json requests.


As a first step, launch Sling.

The Sling Container can be launched by running the following command in the launchpad/builder/target directory: $ java -jar so if the current version is 7, the command should be: $ java -jar

This launches sling on the default port: 8080.


Install path-based-rtp first:

$ cd server/path-based-rtp
$ mvn clean install -P autoInstallBundle

Next, install espblog:

$ cd ../espblog
$ mvn clean install -P autoInstallBundle


To verify that the bundle is correctly installed:

  1. http://localhost:8080/apps/espblog/html.esp must return the html.esp script.

  2. Log in by visiting http://localhost:8080/?sling:authRequestLogin=true, using username=admin and password=admin

  3. The console at http://localhost:8080/system/console/bundles must list both the following bundles as active:

    Apache Sling ESP blog sample ( Apache Sling Sample Path Based Resource Type Provider (

How to blog (from your browser)

Head to http://localhost:8080/content/espblog/*.html. Use the 'New Post' link on the left to create a new post.




If you have the build toolchain installed (Android users: replace ios with android):

$ cordova platform add ios
$ cordova build ios


$ cordova emulate ios

Check out the Cordova CLI docs for more details, including installing onto a device.

PhoneGap Build

Alternatively, use PhoneGap Build to build the app for a number of platforms in the cloud (note: some platforms require keys to be uploaded beforehand):

  1. Log in to PhoneGap build using your Adobe ID
  2. Tap the '+ new app' button
  3. Enter the URL to this github repository (
  4. Tap 'Pull from .git repository'
  5. When it finishes fetching, tap 'Ready to build'
  6. Once each platform finishes compiling you may scan the QR code with a device to download and install your app.