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Repo to demonstrate an issue using Promises when Cypress tests are run in the Electron browser
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Working with Promises in Cypress test cases

This repo was my attempt at repro'ing an issue I encountered with Cypress tests that used Promises. In the process, I learned of Cypress.Promise which gets around Promise-based issues in the Electron browser (v61).

To run the demo

Install dependencies:

npm install

Run the test cases (they hit by default, so no need to start a local webserver):

npm test

Once Cypress opens up, select either Chrome or the Electron browser, and click "Run all specs".

To note

  • All test cases run successfully on Chrome 76: Chrome window showing all tests passing, with the correct log statements too

  • In Electron, the test cases involving Native Promise and await seem to get stuck, but still pass! Electron browser window showing all tests passing, with log statements missing

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