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Smart copy

This is an useful utility for automating copy from source and destination that can be customised by arguments that may vary. A good example of usage is available with this repo.


You can install it from source by cloning this repo

git clone

and running

sudo python install

You can also install the latest released version through pip

sudo pip install smartcp

or easy_install

sudo easy_install smartcp


It is officially only compatible with Python 3 and Python 2 but has some issues with accents for Python 2 (Python 3 has a better unicode approach than Python 2).

You will also need PyYAML.


You can get help by running

smartcp -h

Config file

To specify which files to copy where, you need to specify a config file. It should use the YAML syntax. It contains a base path for the source, a base path for the destination and clients. For each client, you can specify some arguments (if no argument is given, there will be one copy but there can't be any node arg) and how to generate the source and destination from these arguments. To specify them you need to nest three types of nodes.

  • A path_format which can contain placeholders {n} and then parameters to replace them. The parameters can be one of the three nodes.
  • A mapping which contain a hash and a key which is a node.
  • An arg which is one of the arguments.

Here is an example which copies files from version/subversion/file to file-version.subversion while renaming file to b if it is a. It also copies 1/1/x to ../x-1.1.

input_base: .
output_base: .
  - name: Official
      subversion: [1, 2, 3]
      version: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
      file: [a, A, x, X]
      path_format: "{0}/{1}/{2}"
        - arg: subversion
        - arg: version
        - arg: file
      path_format: "{0}-{1}.{2}"
        - mapping:
            a: b
            arg: file
        - arg: version
        - arg: subversion
  - name: Simple copy
      path_format: 1/1/x
      path_format: ../x-1.1

Note the " for the path format because without it YAML won't understand that it is just a string.