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"""Logistic factor analysis on MNIST. Using Monte Carlo EM, with HMC
for the E-step and MAP for the M-step. We fit to just one data
point in MNIST.
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
import edward as ed
import os
import tensorflow as tf
from edward.models import Bernoulli, Empirical, Normal
from observations import mnist
from scipy.misc import imsave
tf.flags.DEFINE_string("data_dir", default="/tmp/data", help="")
tf.flags.DEFINE_string("out_dir", default="/tmp/out", help="")
tf.flags.DEFINE_integer("N", default=1, help="Number of data points.")
tf.flags.DEFINE_integer("d", default=10, help="Number of latent dimensions.")
tf.flags.DEFINE_integer("n_iter_per_epoch", default=5000, help="")
tf.flags.DEFINE_integer("n_epoch", default=20, help="")
FLAGS = tf.flags.FLAGS
if not os.path.exists(FLAGS.out_dir):
FLAGS = tf.flags.FLAGS
def generative_network(z):
"""Generative network to parameterize generative model. It takes
latent variables as input and outputs the likelihood parameters.
logits = neural_network(z)
net = tf.layers.dense(z, 28 * 28, activation=None)
net = tf.reshape(net, [FLAGS.N, -1])
return net
def main(_):
(x_train, _), (x_test, _) = mnist(FLAGS.data_dir)
x_train = x_train[:FLAGS.N]
z = Normal(loc=tf.zeros([FLAGS.N, FLAGS.d]),
scale=tf.ones([FLAGS.N, FLAGS.d]))
logits = generative_network(z)
x = Bernoulli(logits=logits)
T = FLAGS.n_iter_per_epoch * FLAGS.n_epoch
qz = Empirical(params=tf.get_variable("qz/params", [T, FLAGS.N, FLAGS.d]))
inference_e = ed.HMC({z: qz}, data={x: x_train})
inference_m = ed.MAP(data={x: x_train, z: qz.params[inference_e.t]})
optimizer = tf.train.AdamOptimizer(0.01, epsilon=1.0)
for _ in range(FLAGS.n_epoch - 1):
avg_loss = 0.0
for _ in range(FLAGS.n_iter_per_epoch):
info_dict_e = inference_e.update()
info_dict_m = inference_m.update()
avg_loss += info_dict_m['loss']
# Print a lower bound to the average marginal likelihood for an
# image.
avg_loss = avg_loss / FLAGS.n_iter_per_epoch
avg_loss = avg_loss / FLAGS.N
print("\nlog p(x) >= {:0.3f}".format(avg_loss))
# Prior predictive check.
images = x.eval()
for m in range(FLAGS.N):
imsave(os.path.join(FLAGS.out_dir, '%d.png') % m,
images[m].reshape(28, 28))
if __name__ == "__main__":