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@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
[![Build Status](](
[![Coverage Status](](
+[![Join the chat at](](
[Edward]( is a Python library for probabilistic modeling,
inference, and criticism. It is a testbed for fast experimentation and research
@@ -48,3 +49,5 @@ visualization with TensorBoard.
## Resources
+ [Edward website](
++ [Edward Gitter channel](
++ [Edward releases](
@@ -4,16 +4,17 @@ \subsection{Contributing}
Interested in contributing to Edward? We appreciate all kinds of help!
-\subsubsection{Bug reports, feature requests, user-related questions}
-Report any bugs in Edward's
-{Github issues}.
-We also appreciate feature requests so that we can prioritize
-development according to the users.
-We plan to have a
-mailing list for Edward users in the future,
-but for now also submit usage questions there.
+For general discussion about Edward, use Edward's
+\href{}{Gitter channel}.
+For example, it is used to get help with installation, coding and
+debugging in Edward, and probabilistic modeling.
+(We also plan to have a mailing list-like option in the future.)
+For development discussion about Edward, use Edward's
+\href{}{Github issues tracker}.
+For example, it is used to submit bug reports and feature requests.
\subsubsection{Pull requests}
@@ -155,37 +156,3 @@ \subsubsection{Suggested private developer workflow}
Now simply create a pull request via the Github UI on the public repo.
Once project owners review the pull request, they can merge it.
- For developers with push permission to Edward's repo, see
- \href{}{Stan's
- process} for how to name branches. Do not merge your own pull
- requests or ever push to master. Someone should always review your
- code. After merging (or deciding to close the request without
- merging), always delete the branch from the repo.
- \textbf{Issue labeling system.} We use
- \href{}{Stan's labeling system}.
- While several labels obviously don't apply to us, it's better than the
- default labels.
- \textbf{Packaging and submitting to PyPI.} First, update the version
- number in \texttt{}. Second, follow
- \href{\#packaging-your-project}{these
- steps}. For shorthand, the sequence of commands is
-python sdist
-python bdist_wheel
-twine upload dist/*
- Third, tag the release on Github and note the new additions when
- tagging this release. You can do this by comparing commits from the
- previous tagged release to master. A link that compares tagged commits
- to master is available on the
- \href{}{releases page}.

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