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Commits on Jan 19, 2015
  1. @bors

    Auto merge of #21267 - danslapman:master, r=alexcrichton

    bors committed
    This patch fixes IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP problem described here: rust-lang#20381
    I've tested on my ProbeR project, everything seems ok.
Commits on Jan 18, 2015
  1. @bors

    auto merge of #20901 : dgrunwald/rust/update-token-can-begin-expr, r=…

    bors committed
     * add `Token::AndAnd` (double borrow)
     * add `Token::DotDot` (range notation)
     * remove `Token::Pound` and `Token::At`
    This fixes a syntax error when parsing `fn f() -> RangeTo<i32> { return ..1; }`.
    Also, remove `fn_expr_lookahead`.
    It's from the `fn~` days and seems to no longer be necessary.
  2. @bors
  3. @bors

    auto merge of #21288 : brson/rust/snaps, r=alexcrichton

    bors committed
    This fixes the issues mentioned in rust-lang#21236, as well as the one rust-lang#21230 where `CFG_BOOTSTRAP_KEY` was being set to simply 'N'. It changes the build such that `RUSTC_BOOTSTRAP_KEY` is only exported on -beta and -stable, so that the behavior of the -dev, -nightly, and snapshot compilers is the same everywhere.
    Haven't run it completely through 'make check' yet, but the I have verified that the aforementioned issues are fixed.
    r? @alexcrichton cc @eddyb
  4. @bors

    auto merge of #21330 : JeffBelgum/rust/collections-reform-issue-19986…

    bors committed
    …-add-append-and-split-off, r=Gankro
    Please review carefully. Contains unsafe and is my first commit to Rust.
    Uses ptr::copy_nonoverlapping_memory. Attempts to handle zero-size types correctly.
  5. @brson
  6. @brson

    Add allow(unstable) to more tests

    brson committed
  7. @brson

    Add allow(unstable) to

    brson committed
  8. @brson
  9. @brson
  10. @brson

    Set allow(unstable) in crates that use unstable features

    brson committed
    Lets them build with the -dev, -nightly, or snapshot compiler
  11. @brson
  12. @brson
  13. @eddyb @brson

    Register new snapshots.

    eddyb committed with brson
  14. @JeffBelgum

    add append to vec with tests

    JeffBelgum committed
Commits on Jan 17, 2015
  1. @bors

    auto merge of #21300 : steveklabnik/rust/rollup, r=steveklabnik

    bors committed
    manual rollup to fix some conflicts and diagnose why the test is failing...
  2. @steveklabnik

    Fix more rollup problems

    steveklabnik committed
  3. @steveklabnik

    fix rollup

    steveklabnik committed
  4. @alfiedotwtf @steveklabnik

    docs: grammar fix

    alfiedotwtf committed with steveklabnik
  5. @nhowell @steveklabnik

    doc: Remove extra whitespace in the middle of lines to provide alignment

    nhowell committed with steveklabnik
    "Idiomatic code should not use extra whitespace in the middle of a line to provide alignment."
    I realize the linked page still needs an RFC, but the docs should be written in accordance with the guidelines nevertheless.
  6. @alexcrichton @steveklabnik

    std: Move the bitflags! macro to a gated crate

    alexcrichton committed with steveklabnik
    In accordance with [collections reform part 2][rfc] this macro has been moved to
    an external [bitflags crate][crate] which is [available though][cratesio]. Inside the standard distribution the macro has been moved
    to a crate called `rustc_bitflags` for current users to continue using.
    The major user of `bitflags!` in terms of a public-facing possibly-stable API
    today is the `FilePermissions` structure inside of `std::io`. This user,
    however, will likely no longer use `bitflags!` after I/O reform has landed. To
    prevent breaking APIs today, this structure remains as-is.
    Current users of the `bitflags!` macro should add this to their `Cargo.toml`:
        bitflags = "0.1"
    and this to their crate root:
        #[macro_use] extern crate bitflags;
    Due to the removal of a public macro, this is a:
  7. @steveklabnik

    Beef up Copy documentation

    steveklabnik committed
    Fixes #21249
    Fixes #11540
  8. @steveklabnik
  9. @steveklabnik
  10. @steveklabnik
  11. @vmx @steveklabnik

    Make Index trait example clearer

    vmx committed with steveklabnik
    The example of the `Index` and `IndexMut` trait contained too much `Foo`.
    It now contains a bit more `Bar` to make things clearer which parts are
    defining the type of the index.
  12. @Ms2ger @steveklabnik

    Fix typo.

    Ms2ger committed with steveklabnik
  13. @frewsxcv @steveklabnik

    Bump LICENSE copyright year

    frewsxcv committed with steveklabnik
  14. @steveklabnik

    Intpocalypse, book edition.

    steveklabnik committed
    Fix all usage of int/uint/i/u in the book.
  15. @steveklabnik

    Evaluate # fn in docs

    steveklabnik committed
    I searched for times when we were hiding functions with # in the documentation,
    and fixed them to not use it unless neccesary.
    I also made random improvements whenever I changed something. For example,
    I changed Example to Examples, for consistency.
    Fixes #13423
  16. @steveklabnik
  17. @raindev @steveklabnik

    Replace obsolete constructions in into examples

    raindev committed with steveklabnik
    Replace deprecated integer suffixes. Remove integer type notations
    altogether where possible. Replace uses of deprecated `range()`
    function with range notation.
  18. @raindev @steveklabnik

    Remove Thread::detach() call from intro example

    raindev committed with steveklabnik
    The mentioned method are no longer part of Thread. Spawned threads are
    detached by default as of now.
  19. @raindev @steveklabnik

    Fix intro concurrency examples compilation warns

    raindev committed with steveklabnik
    * Use range notation instead of deprecated `range()`
    * Remove deprecated `u` integer suffixes used in ranges
    * Replace deprecated `i` integer suffixes with `is` for vector numbers
    `Thread::spawn()` still gives "use of unstable item" warning which I
    hadn't found a way to fix.
  20. @nagisa @steveklabnik

    Revert stability for Bitv and BitvSet

    nagisa committed with steveklabnik
    The collections were promoted to stable by mistake and do not match RFC 509.
    This reverts the stability back to unstable.
    [breaking-change] since previously stable API became unstable.
    Fixes #21193
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