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This package is unmaintained. Use Script to run Processing sketches from Atom.
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This package is unmaintained

I recommend using the Script package for Atom to run Processing sketches (.pde files) from Atom.

Processing in Atom

Run Processing sketches from Atom by pressing ctrl+alt+b

processing package in action

Running a sketch from Atom

  1. Download Processing if you don't already have it installed.
  2. Install processing-java:
    • Mac OS: Open Processing and install processing-java from the Tools menu: image

    • Linux: Add processing-java to your executable search path. This can be done by adding the Processing directory to your PATH environment variable or by adding a symlink to any existing directory within your PATH. The following command should do this on most linux distributions (replace /path/to/processing with the path where processing is installed):

        sudo ln -s /path/to/processing/processing-java /usr/local/bin/
    • Windows: Add processing-java to your Command Prompt. This can be done by adding the Processing directory to your PATH environment variable:

      • Open Advanced System Settings either by running sysdm.cpl or searching in Control Panel.
      • Click the Environment Variable button on the Advanced tab.
      • Edit the PATH variable to include the Processing directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Processing-3.1.1\) in either the User variables (for just your account) or System variables (for all users).
  3. Open a Processing sketch in Atom and run it: ctrl+alt+b
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