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This is the State and University branch of sourceforge JHove. The purpose of this project is to use JHove to tell why a PDF file is not PDF/A compatible. For preservation we often need to handle non-pdf/a so knowing how they are not pdf/a can be vital.
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JHOVE - JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment
Copyright 2003-2008 by JSTOR and the President and Fellows of Harvard College
JHOVE is made available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL;
see the file LICENSE for details)

Rev. 1.1, 2008-02-22

JHOVE (the JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment, pronounced "jhove")
is an extensible software framework for performing format identification,
validation, and characterization of digital objects.

o Format identification is the process of determining the format to which a
  digital object conforms: "I have a digital object; what format is it?"
o Format validation is the process of determining the level of compliance of a
  digital object to the specification for its purported format: "I have an
  object purportedly of format F; is it?"
o Format characterization is the process of determing the format-specific
  significant properties of an object of a given format: "I have an object of
  format F; what are its salient properties?"

These actions are frequently necessary during routine operation of digital
repositories and for digital preservation activities.

The output from JHOVE is controlled by output handlers. JHOVE uses an
extensible plug-in architecture; it can be configured at the time of its
invocation to include whatever specific format modules and output handlers
that are desired. The initial release of JHOVE includes modules for
arbitrary byte streams, ASCII and UTF-8 encoded text, AIFF and WAVE audio,
GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, and PDF; and text and XML output handlers.

The JHOVE project is a collaboration of JSTOR and the Harvard University
Library.  Development of JHOVE was funded in part by the Andrew W. Mellon
Foundation.  JHOVE is made available under the GNU Lesser General Public
License (LGPL; see the file LICENSE for details).


1. Java J2SE 1.4
(JHOVE was originally implemented using the Sun J2SE SDK 1.4.1 and has
been tested to work with 1.4.2 <>)

2. If you would like to compile the JHOVE source code, then
Apache Ant, a Java-based build tool <> is necessary.
Note that the JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set appropriately for
Ant to work properly.
(JHOVE was implemented and tested using Ant 1.5.1.)


The JHOVE distribution package includes:

    jhove/                                 # JHOVE home directory
          COPYING                          # GNU Lesser General Public License
          LICENSE                          # JHOVE license information
          RELEASENOTES                     # JHOVE release notes
                    jhove.jar              # JHOVE API package
                    jhove-handler.jar      # Standard output handler package
                    jhove-module.jar       # Standard module package
                    JhoveApp.jar           # JHOVE command line application
                    JhoveView.jar          # JHOVE with Swing GUI front-end
          build.xml                        # Ant configuration file
                    build.xml              # Ant configuration file
                    edu/ ...               # JHOVE API packages
                    ADump.*                # AIFF dump utility class
                    GDump.*                # GIF dump utility class
                    Jhove.*                # JHOVE main class
                    JDump.*                # JPEG dump utility class
                    J2Dump.*               # JPEG 2000 dump utility class
                    PDump.*                # PDF dump utility class
                    TDump.*                # TIFF dump utility class
                    UserHome.*             # user.home property utility class
                    WDump.*                # WAVE dump utility class
                   jhove.conf              # JHOVE configuration file
                   jhove.xsd               # JHOVE output schema
                   jhoveConfig.xsd         # JHOVE configuration file schema
                   *.html                  # API documentation
          examples/                        # Sample files
                   ascii/ ...
                   gif/   ...
                   jpeg/  ...
                   jpeg2000/ ...
                   pdf/   ...
                   tiff/  ...
                   utf-8/ ...
          adump*                           # AIFF dump Bourne shell driver
          adump.bat*                       # AIFF dump DOS shell driver script
          gdump*                           # GIF dump Bourne shell driver
          gdump.bat*                       # GIF dump DOS shell driver script
          jdump*                           # JPEG dump Bourne shell driver
          jdump.bat*                       # JPEG dump DOS shell driver script
          j2dump*                          # JPEG 2000 dump Bourne shell driver
          j2dump.bat*                      # JPEG 2000 dump DOS shell driver
          jhove.tmpl*                      # Template for JHOVE Bourne shell driver script
          jhove_bat.tmpl*                  # Template for JHOVE DOS shell driver script
          pdump*                           # PDF dump Bourne shell driver
          pdump.bat*                       # PDF dump DOS shell driver script
          tdump*                           # TIFF dump Bourne shell driver
          tdump.bat*                       # TIFF dump DOS shell driver script
          userhome*                        # user.home Bourne shell driver
          userhome.bat*                    # user.home DOS shell driver script
          wdump*                           # WAVE dump Bourne shell driver
          wdump.bat*                       # WAVE dump DOS shell driver script


Edit the configuration file, jhove/conf/jhove.conf, and set the absolute
pathname of the JHOVE home directory and the temporary directory (in which
temporary files are created):


The JHOVE home directory is the top-most directory in the distribution TAR
or ZIP file.  On Unix systems, "/var/tmp" is an appropriate temporary
directory; on Windows, "C:\Temp".  For example, if the distribution TAR
file is disaggregated on a Unix system in the directory "/users/stephen/
projects", then the configuration file should read:


In the JHOVE home directory, copy the JHOVE Bourne shell driver script
template, "jhove.tmpl", to "jhove" (or the equivalent Windows shell 
script, "jhove_bat.tmpl" to "jhove.bat"), and set the
JHOVE home directory, Java home directory, and Java interpreter:


The JAVA_HOME property should provide the absolute pathname of the Java
runtime or SDK installation; JAVA should provide the absolute pathname of the
Java interpreter.  For example:


In the DOS shell driver script, jhove.bat, the equivalent three
variables are:

    SET JHOVE_HOME=jhove-home-directory
    SET JAVA_HOME=java-home-directory
    SET JAVA=%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java

For example:

    SET JHOVE_HOME="C:\Program Files\jhove"
    SET JAVA_HOME="C:\Program Files\java\j2re1.4.1_02"
    SET JAVA=%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java

The quotation marks are necessary because of the embedded space characters.
On Windows platforms it may also be necessary to add the Java bin subdirectory
to the System PATH environment variable:

    PATH=C:\Program Files\java\j2re1.4.1_02\bin;...

(For information on setting a Windows environment variable, consult your local
documentation or system administrator.)


    java Jhove [-c config] [-m module] [-h handler] [-e encoding] [-H handler]
               [-o output] [-x saxclass] [-t tempdir] [-b bufsize]
               [-l loglevel] [[-krs] dir-file-or-uri [...]]

where -c config   Configuration file pathname
      -m module   Module name
      -h handler  Output handler name (defaults to TEXT)
      -e encoding Character encoding used by output handler (defaults to UTF-8)
      -H handler  About handler name
      -o output   Output file pathname (defaults to standard output)
      -x saxclass SAX parser class (defaults to J2SE 1.4 default)
      -t tempdir  Temporary directory in which to create temporary files
      -b bufsize  Buffer size for buffered I/O (defaults to J2SE 1.4 default)
      -l loglevel Logging level
      -k          Calculate CRC32, MD5, and SHA-1 checksums
      -r          Display raw data flags, not textual equivalents
      -s          Format identification based on internal signatures only
      dir-file-or-uri Directory or file pathname or URI of formated content

All named modules and output handlers must be found on the Java CLASSPATH at
the time of invocation.  The JHOVE driver script, jhove/jhove, automatically
sets the CLASSPATH and invokes the Jhove main class:

    jhove [-c config] [-m module] [-h handler] [-e encoding] [-H handler]
          [-o output] [-x saxclass] [-t tempdir] [-b bufsize] [-l loglevel]
          [[-krs] dir-file-or-uri [...]]

The following additional programs are available, primarily for testing
and debugging purposes.  They display a minimally processed, human-readable
version of the contents of AIFF, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, TIFF, and WAVE

    java ADump  aiff-file
    java GDump  gif-file
    java JDump  jpeg-file
    java J2Dump jpeg2000-file
    java PDump  pdf-file
    java TDump  tiff-file
    java WDump  wave-file

For convenience, the following driver scripts are also available:

    adump  aiff-file
    gdump  gif-file
    jdump  jpeg-file
    j2dump jpeg2000-file
    pdump  pdf-file
    tdump  tiff-file
    wdump  wave-file

The JHOVE Swing-based GUI interface can be invoked from a command shell from
the jhove/bin sub-directory:

    java -jar JhoveView.jar -c <configFile>

where <configFile> is the pathname of the JHOVE configuration file.
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