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.PHONY: help gh-pages docs push-docs
CURRENT_VERSION := $(shell node docs/current-version.js)
DOCS_DIR := ./docs-build/$(CURRENT_VERSION)
@echo 'Makefile for `promise-utils` package'
@echo ''
@echo 'Usage:'
@echo ' make gh-pages Checkout `gh-pages` in `docs-build/`'
@echo ' make docs Generate the documentation in `docs-build/`'
@echo ' make push-docs Push the documentation to Github'
@echo ''
rm -fr ./docs-build/ # Clean up old state
git worktree prune # Clean up old state
git fetch origin # Make sure up to date.
git worktree add --checkout ./docs-build/ gh-pages
# Make sure `npm ci` is run.
[ -d ./node_modules ] || npm ci
rm -rf $(DOCS_DIR)
# Generate new docs.
./node_modules/.bin/typedoc \
--excludeNotExported \
--excludePrivate \
--readme none \
--mode file \
--out $(DOCS_DIR) \
push-docs: gh-pages docs
# Remove latest and place newly generated docs there.
rm -fr ./docs-build/latest/
cp -r $(DOCS_DIR) ./docs-build/latest/
# Update `versions.json` in `docs-build`.
node docs/update-versions.js $(CURRENT_VERSION)
# `git` add all updated paths
(cd ./docs-build/ && \
git add versions.json && \
git add $(CURRENT_VERSION) && \
git add latest)
# `git` push all the updates to the remote
cd ./docs-build/ && \
git push origin gh-pages
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