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⚡ File sharing progressive web app built using WebRTC and WebSockets
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Blaze - A file sharing web app

Blaze is a file sharing web app that uses WebSockets and WebRTC to transfer files between multiple devices. It currently uses to make real time connections on express backend. The frontend is built on vanilla JavaScript. The current method of sharing files involves compressing the files to zip format and sharing this zip file as chunks of ArrayBuffer. This may change to increase the efficiency of file transfer.

Project structure

The project is divided into the backend and the frontend.


Right now, only index.js file contains all the server-side code required for the backend. It is built on express and which allows usage of WebSockets and WebRTC. We may switch to using WebSockets natively as it is supported in almost all modern browsers.


The frontend code is in the public, static folders. Once the frontend is built for production, all the built files are stored in dist folder which can be deployed along with the server code.

static folder

This folder is used to store the static files such as images, fonts, and JavaScript files that shouldn't be bundled with rest of the code.

public folder

This folder contains the code for the frontend (written in Svelte) which gets compiled and bundled to JavaScript. It also contains the HTML layouts of different pages, along with stylesheets written in Sass.

  • Svelte is used for the UI of the app.
  • No UI library is being used as of now.
  • Sass is used for CSS pre-processing.
  • /app route is a PWA, single page app.


Thanks for contributing to Blaze! Make sure to Fork this repository into your account before making any commits. Then use the following commands to setup the project

git clone<your-github-username>/blaze
git remote add upstream
cd blaze
npm install

All development happens on the next branch. The master branch contains the known stable version of Blaze. To make your contributions, create a new branch from next.

git checkout -b my-branch next

Start the live development server. The server would run at port 3030 and the app can be accessed on localhost:3030/app

npm run dev

Now you can make your changes, and commit them. Make sure you have a clear and summarized message for your commits

git add .
git commit -m "My fixes"

Sync your forked repository with the changes in this(upstream) repository

git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/next

Push the changes to your fork.

git push origin my-branch

This is a good time, to open a pull request in this repository with the changes you have made. Make sure you open a pull request to merge to next branch and not the master branch directly.

Building for production

npm run build

The frontend built code would be located in the dist folder


Blaze is MIT Licensed

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