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Breathe app

Breathe is a progressive web app(PWA) that provides you with air quality data for many places in an easy to understand interface.

The main goals of creating Breathe were:

  • Creating an interface that presents Air quality data in a beautiful manner.
  • Making it into a PWA that works very well when offline.

Technologies used:

  • Bulma CSS for responsive flex layout structure.
  • JSTS Library for extensive Boolean operations.
  • Service Workers for PWA.
  • Local Forage for using IndexedDB in an easier way.
  • Axios for API calls.
  • Google Maps Places, Geometry API.
  • AQICN API for Air quality data.

Site is live at:


Breathe works with latest LTS version of Node.js for development. The build process is written on Gulp. Babel is used to use ES6 features, along with SASS pre-processor for CSS.

git clone
cd breathe
npm install
npm run dev