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🎨 Pigmnts

Pigmnts is a color palette creator from an image built using Rust. It uses the K-means++ clustering algorithm to select the most commonly occurring colors from the image.

Pigmnts library is compiled to WebAssembly which allows for super-fast color palette extraction from an image on the web. The library can be found in the lib directory.

Pigmnts CLI

Pigmnts CLI is a tool designed to create color palettes from an image right on your terminal. It supports various image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP, TIFF along with external HTTP(S) image URLs. It provides a beautiful terminal output to preview the colors in the palette.

Pigmnts CLI comes with various output modes and provides on-demand data of the palette generated while maintaining high speeds.

Installing the CLI

CLI can be installed using cargo and pigmnts-cli crate on

cargo install pigmnts-cli

Output modes

Default mode

The default mode displays the palette in a user-friendly way with a small preview and corresponding color codes in a tabular structure. This is meant for the common use of the CLI.

Quiet (or Silent) mode

This mode displays only the essential output without the intermediate logs. The output is in plain text format with each data item separated by :. This is meant for use in a pipeline where the output of the CLI is used as input for another process. It can be activated by the -q or --quiet flag.

Flags and options in the CLI

The following flags and options are supported by the latest release of the CLI.

    -d, --dominance    Enable dominance percentage of colors
    -h, --help         Prints help information
    -x, --hex          Enable Hex code output of colors
    -s, --hsl          Enable HSL output of colors
    -l, --lab          Enable L*AB output of colors
    -q, --quiet        Suppress the normal output [aliases: silent]
    -r, --rgb          Enable RGB output of colors
    -n, --name         Nearest name for the color
    -V, --version      Prints version information

    -c, --count <COUNT>...    Number of colors in the palette

Examples of these flags

  • pigmnts pic-1.jpg -c 5 pic-2.jpg -c 8
    Generate a palette of 5 colors from pic-1.jpg and 8 colors from pic-2.jpg.

  • pigmnts pic-1.jpg -rxdl
    Generate a palette of 5 colors from pic-1.jpg and show the RGB code, hex code, dominance, LAB code for each color in the palette.

  • pigmnts pic-1.jpg --count 10 --name --hex
    Generate a palette of 10 colors from pic-1.jpg and show the name, hex code for each color in the palette.

  • pigmnts pic-1.jpg pic-2.jpg -sxq
    Generate a palette of 5 colors from pic-1.jpg and pic-2.jpg. For each color in the palette show the HSL code, hex code in quiet mode.


This repository is a Cargo workspace that includes the development of both core Pigmnts library and the CLI.

Project Structure

  • Pigmnts Library - development of the core library is in the lib directory.
  • Pigmnts CLI - root project is Pigmnts CLI that uses the Pigmnts library.


Pigmnts is MIT Licensed
The dataset for color names used in Pigmnts CLI is taken from