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Tool for extracting information from newly spawned processes
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3snake - dump sshd and sudo credential related strings


Targeting rooted servers, reads memory from sshd and sudo system calls that handle password based authentication. Doesn't write any memory to the traced processes. Spawns a new process for every sshd and sudo command that is run.

Listens for the proc event using netlink sockets to get candidate processes to trace. When it receives an sshd or sudo process ptrace is attached and traces read and write system calls, extracting strings related to password based authentication.

Don't really like the solution of backdooring openssh or installing a kernel module on target servers so I made this.



./3snake -h


Run in current terminal ./3snake

Daemonize and dump output to file ./3snake -d -o "/tmp/output_file.txt"


Located in config.h

  • ROOT_DIR - root directory when daemonized (relative file paths for -o option will end up here)
  • ENABLE_SSH - OpenSSH server password auth
  • ENABLE_SUDO - sudo password auth
  • ENABLE_SU (experimental) - su password auth
  • ENABLE_SSH_CLIENT (experimental) - ssh client password auth


Linux, ptrace enabled, /proc filesystem mounted


Features X
OpenSSH server password auth X
sudo X
su X
regex strings from processes ~
ssh client X
  • Make the process of adding tracers more fluid
  • Yubikey: Ask for second yubikey from end users, OpenSSH
  • Output mode that only shows usernames/passwords



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