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Interactive Map for the Web 2.0 Summit
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Source for the Web 2.0 Summit Map

This is the latest source code for the Web 2.0 Summit Map

The map is a customization of the Google Maps Javascript API v3 with a custom tilesets created in Illustrator and cut using MapCruncher from Microsoft Research.

In its current state the repository is not well documented or set up for easy public consumption, but it should be instructive for anyone planning a similar project, particularly htdocs/javascript/main.js , which contains most of the frontend interaction. Any questions can be directed to Blend Interactive. If there is sufficient interest we can make additional background and documentation available.

The code is divided into several parts:

  • conf - Sample Apache Config
  • htdocs - Frontend javascript code
  • tiles - map tiles for use on an asset server (or symlink into htdocs for development)
  • zend - Backend PHP API driven by Zend Framework MVC. Used for positioning icons and comments
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