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eZ Platform

What is eZ Platform ?

eZ Platform is a 100% open source professional CMS (Content Management System) made by eZ Systems AS and eZ Community.

eZ Platform is the 6th generation of eZ Publish, it is built on top of Symfony framework (Full Stack). It has been in development since 2011, and official part of the eZ Publish Platform 5.x as "Platform stack" since 2012.


  • Very extensible You can extend the application and the content model many ways
  • Future & backwards compatible Strong BC policy on data as well as code
  • Multi channel by design High focus on separation between semantic content & design
  • Scalable Easily scale across multiple servers out of the box
  • Future proof Architecture allows even more content scalability and performance in the future
  • Stable Built on experience building CMS since early 2000, and in production since 2012
  • Integration friendly Numerous events and signals to hook into for advance workflow needs

Main packages:

  • ezpublish-kernel (building on top of Symfony Framework):
  • Content Repository with a highly flexible content model exposed via Public API.
    Out of the box powered by SQL Storage Engine using Doctrine DBAL, data cache implementation using Stash and binary file system handled by Flysystem. Improved Storage Engine planned, custom implementation for advance data scalability already possible.
  • Powerful (& extensible) Content Query engine, currently powered by SQL, soon Solr/ElasticSearch
  • Very high performance thanks to content & user aware HTTP "view" cache (now using)
  • Ads concept of "web sites" allowing you to manage several within one installation
  • Allow you to rapidly setup Contextual override of content view twig templates as well as controller based on Content type, section, and much more.
  • Helpers, services, events and signals allowing you to efficiently create everything from simple web sites to advance applications
  • PlatformUIBundle: A modern, extensible "Backend" UI for managing content & administration
  • DemoBundle: Demo web site showcasing how a website can be done (more examples planned)

Further information:

eZ Platform is 100% open source and is released in companion with a commercial eZ Studio software which adds advance features for editorial teams and media companies, 100% built on top of eZ Platform APIs.

Install and Upgrade

For installation & upgrade instructions, see


eZ Platform currently has same requirements as eZ Publish Platform 5.4, further details on 5.4 requirements page.

TL;DR; minimum PHP 5.4.4 and higher, using mod_php or php-fpm.

Issue tracker

Submitting bugs, improvements and stories is possible on If you discover a security issue, please see how to responsibly report such issues on

Backwards compatibility

eZ Platform is 100% data compatible with eZ Publish 5.x, 4.x and 3.x (introduced in 2002), meaning content in these versions of the CMS can be upgraded using online documentation to Upgrade to eZ Platform.

Unlike eZ Publish Platform 5, eZ Platform don't ship with eZ Publish Legacy (4.x). Legacy can however still be installed using Composer, as explained on


Copyright (C) 1999-2015 eZ Systems AS. All rights reserved.

LICENSE GNU General Public License v2


eZ Platform starter project for Blend







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  • Shell 26.5%